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Valentine's Decor!!!

Lisa Oswald

Hi ya all! I thought I'd get on here and share my decorations for Valentine's Day before it's over. I've had them up since just about the week after the new year. Decorating for the holidays is kind of a hobby for me. I've been collecting stuff for several years.

***(Please excuse the crookedness of the photos. I've had a stoke and my hands shake when I hold the camera.)

Sharing this part of my life is just my way of making myself more accessible to you. I hope that we can become better friends this way. Don't hesitate to chat with me in the comments section!

As soon as the weekend is over then the Easter decorations go up! It is early this year so I've decided to skip decorations for St. Patrick's Day and go straight to Easter. I'll probably show them to you if there is some interest.

Have a marvelous weekend with your sweetheart or galentine ...or by yourself if you prefer.


What are your hobbies?

What gets you excited?

What do you look forward to?


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