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2021 New Year's Resolutions and Goals (Process)

Lisa Oswald

I thought I'd share my New Year's Resolutions and Goals with you and the process that I used to create them. I have 2 business goals and 5 personal goals. 

First I brainstormed all of the things I would like to accomplish and then narrowed the list down to the few I wanted to focus on this year. Others can wait for another time/year.

I then spelled out those goals crystal clearly. I defined then as clearly and specifically as possible. For example, my first business goal is to (1) Double My Income. I delineated several systems that I am going to implement that I hope will make that a reality.

  • Use story telling - 3x per week
  • Use social media - 5x per week
  • Use Mailerlite - 4x per week
  • Use Amazon - daily
  • Use video (Warm Welcome) - daily
  • Use Blog - 3x per week
  • Use Google - daily
  • Use Launches - quarterly

My second goal is to (2) Curate My Social Media. I plan to focus on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

I then chose a word of the year. I recently rebranded and want to start everything new! My word for this year is GENESIS which means beginning. 

My personal goals are as follows:

  • Clean daily
    1. Make bed daily - daily
    2. Fill dishwasher - daily
    3. Wipe counter tops - daily
    4. Laundry - 3x week
  • Budget
    1. Make a budget list monthly
  • Lose 50 pounds (I have had bariatic surgery so this is realistic for me.)
    1. drink 64 oz of water - daily
    2. get 60 grams of protein - daily
    3. eat 1000 calories - daily
    4. eat an apple - daily
  • Watch less TV
    1. 2 hours max - daily
  • Finish "To Do" lists
    1. mark off 5 things per month
    2. get help from Kevin

Then I made a vision board. I got a great idea from Louise Henry (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RojkPPPI6j4&feature=youtu.be) to make my vision board digitally in Canva using pictures I found in Pinterest and on the Internet. It can then be used as a desktop cover for your computer or wallpaper for your phone.

"Where focus goes, energy flows"

The next task is to map out the systems that will get you to the successful completion of these goals. I need to put the dates in my planner for all of the steps needed to accomplish these goals. Here is one of the documents that I created to keep myself on track.

The final step, according to Louise Henry, is to think about who you need to be to do this successfully. I think the best way to change yourself is through the use of daily trackers. You can track whether or not you do, or do not do, things daily until they become habits. I have a digital planner for business and a physical/handwritten planner for personal. In it I have monthly tracker pages where I keep track of everything from taking my vitamins daily to publishing to social media.

This blog post has been very productive for me and I hope that it has been helpful for you. Hope you have fun setting your goals for the year and find success through them.

Lovingly, Lisa



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